The German Major

The German major curriculum joins advanced language learning with analytical perspectives from literary studies, history, sociology, anthropology, and film and media studies that bring students to a sophisticated and critical understanding of the German-speaking world, present and past.

Requirements for the German major

A student must complete eight courses above German 112:

Two 250-level courses, at least one taught by a St. Olaf instructor;
Two 270-level courses, at least one taught by a St. Olaf instructor;
One 300-level course taken at St. Olaf;
Three additional courses of student’s choosing; can include German 231, German 232, St. Olaf Interim abroad, German university exchange program;
• Six courses with minimum grade of C;
• Maximum of two courses from semester of study abroad / four courses from year study abroad. Courses taken during study abroad must be in German to count toward the major;
• Maximum of one course in English. See German Studies Concentration page for list of pre-approved courses. (Note: a 1/4-credit German FLAC section does not count as a course taken in German, and some English-language courses must be taken with the German FLAC to count toward the major or concentration.)

German Major Planning Rubric


Students need not be German majors to take upper-division (250-level and above) German courses or study abroad. After completing German 232 or the equivalent, students may spend a semester or a year studying in Germany. Courses taken in German may satisfy general education requirements as well as requirements for some other majors, with department chair approval.