Immunization information is Due July 15.   Students who do not provide the required immunization information will have a hold put on their Student Account and will not be able to register.   Immunizations are self reported by the student on the Student portal, but students ALSO need to upload a copy of  an immunization record for verification. When submitting the information into the portal, you will need to make sure the dates match the corresponding documentation.   If you are having difficulty finding documentation of your immunizations, check with your high school or your health care clinic.  If immunization records are not available, you will most likely need to be re-vaccinated or have titers drawn.  Please schedule an appointment with your Health Care provider ASAP to discuss what you will need BEFORE arrival on campus.  Health Service can review your record if you are unsure how to interpret your immunization record.  Notify Health Service by email if you are having difficulty obtaining immunizations before arrival and we can help you explore options for meeting the requirements once you are on campus.  If you are declaring a conscientious or religious objection to immunization, you must have the printed form notarized before uploading.  If you are declaring a medical exemption, please upload medical documentation or have your health care provider mail documentation regarding the medical exemption.

If students have questions about these forms or other health related matters at St. Olaf College that cannot be answered by the listed information or your Health Care provider, please contact Health Service directly.

St Olaf REQUIRES all students to submit dates for the following immunizations:  

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus—Td (within 10 years of matriculation).  Obtain booster if needed.  Submit date of only the most recent Td or Tdap.
  • Measles—Rubeola, Red measles (2 doses after age 12 months).
  • Mumps—(2 doses after age 12 months).
  • Rubella—German measles (2 doses after age 12 months).

*International students who are not able to receive any vaccine before matriculation can obtain the vaccine once they have arrived on campus.  Please call Health Service at 507-786-3063 to make an appointment.  Students are responsible for contacting their insurance carrier to check on coverage of vaccinations.

Information about Meningococcal Disease   Students who have received the Meningitis MCV4 (ie., Menactra, Menveo) vaccine more than 5 years before starting college are strongly recommended by St Olaf to have a booster.    A Meningitis B (Trumenba, Bexsero) vaccine is also recommended.  Please check with your health care provider for vaccines available.   International countries will have similar vaccines with different names. 

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccines.  Students are highly encouraged to have vaccinations for hepatitis A  and hepatitis B.