St Olaf Health Service Student Health Portal

Welcome to the St Olaf Student Health Portal.

WHAT IS THE St Olaf Health Service Student Health PORTAL?

The St Olaf Health Service Student Health PORTAL is a secure student portal that can be accessed by any computer with access to the internet. The portal provides secure messaging, appointment scheduling, immunization data, and online form completion.

HOW DO I LOG INTO the Student Health PORTAL?

Students can log into the PORTAL using a St Olaf Username (not email) and Password.


The PORTAL provides St Olaf Health Service staff with a secure and confidential way to communicate with you regarding lab results or follow-up after an appointment. Secure messages become a part of your medical record.

*Because secure messages are not continually monitored, never send urgent concerns via secure message.


You will receive an email indicating that you have a new St Olaf Health Service Patient Portal secure message. When you receive this email notification, log into the PORTAL using your St Olaf College username (not email address) and password. Do not share your log in information with others. Click on Messages in the Portal to view your secure messages. Using secure message is similar to email, but all secure messages that are sent and received become a permanent part of your medical record.

Student Health PORTAL features for INCOMING STUDENTS

The Student Health PORTAL allows you to complete your incoming immunization and TB information which imports directly into your medical record where it is reviewed by Health Service staff. It also allows matriculating students to complete an online Report of Medical History which is reviewed when a student establishes care in Health Service. Please refer to detailed information regarding your health history and immunizations on the Health Service Information for Incoming Students section.

As with any other personal identifying information on the internet, always log out of The St Olaf Student Health PORTAL and close your internet browser when you are done using the portal to ensure your medical information remains confidential.


Students need an appointment to be seen in Health Service by an advanced practice provider.  Students may schedule, view, and cancel select appointments on the Student Health Portal. To schedule a short appointment, log into the PORTAL and select Appointments.   If no appointments are available, try again later, choose a different day, or utilize local clinics, listed on the Health Service website, using insurance.  Health Service is closed during student breaks.  Local clinics are convenient and in close proximity to campus. Transportation options are listed on the Student Activities page. Do not make online appointments for emergencies-always seek immediate help with an urgent concern by calling 911 and/or Public Safety at 507-786-3666.

NO SHOW POLICY: Please be sure to cancel your appointment through the student health portal, by calling our office, or emailing if it is no longer needed.  You will need to cancel at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.  Students who “NO SHOW” 2 appointments may not be able to schedule appointments with Health Service for the remainder of the semester.  If 3 “NO SHOW” appointments occur, students may not be able to schedule for the remainder of the year.  Please use the portal to cancel appointments early so those slots can be used by other students.