Required Documentation

Welcome Oles!

Required Health Forms

Through the St Olaf Student Health Portal, please read through the directions carefully and submit the following REQUIRED forms:  Immunization data, Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questions, and Report of Medical History. 

Students will have access to the Portal once they have made an official deposit to the College and have set up a username and password.  Please allow 24 hours after setting up the username/password to access the Student Health portal.

You must enter the dates of the required immunizations AND upload a copy of your immunization record.  Complete all requirements by July 15.  Immunization and TB requirements not submitted will result in a HOLD being placed on registration.

Using the Portal is the preferred way for students to enter the required information and upload any documents, including your immunization record.

Students, if you are having difficulty using the student health PORTAL:

  • Try using a different browser, Chrome typically works best.  Depending on your device other browsers besides Chrome may work better.  If you have tried different browsers and are still having trouble submitting documentation or forms, please contact Health Service at, messaging through the portal, or calling our office at 507-786-3063.  Please tell us which browsers you have tried and what type of device you are using (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

If  you are having log in issues:

  • Be sure you are using your St Olaf username (without the and password.  If you have recently changed your password and you can’t log in, contact the ITT desk.
  • Phone: Ext. 3830 (507-786-3830)
  • E-mail:

If you are having trouble uploading a document:

  • Please note that images MUST be .gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, or .jpeg and documents  MUST be .txt or .pdf.  Make sure the title has NO special characters.

If you are off campus and still cannot submit the forms or have trouble uploading documents, you may print the forms and mail them to Health Service.  DO NOT fax or attach to an email.  If you are on campus and are having difficulty, please contact Health Service.

Do not send copies of your physical as a substitute for filling out the Report of Medical History.  Students need to enter dates of immunizations AND submit a copy of the immunization record.

**Athletes submitting immunizations and other required items to the Athletic Department must still complete the online Requirements for Health Services, including the Report of Medical History.

The Report of Medical History is not reviewed upon submission, but is reviewed when care is established in Health Service.  Students need to complete the form before being seen in Health Service for any appointment.  If students are not able to access the form while off campus, they can complete the form once on campus.