Local Health Providers

The Counseling Center is located in Boe House. Local Mental Health resources.

Anticipating costs for health care

 It is the student’s responsibility to check with insurance to make sure services will be covered by insurance.  Health care can be expensive, depending on the number and types of services you require or request.  Even with insurance, policy holders are required to pay a certain amount each year (deductible) before the insurance company begins to share the cost.  The following steps will help you anticipate out of pocket costs before the service is rendered or the bill arrives:  If it’s not an emergency, call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what services your plan will / will not help pay for and/or consider talking with a parent or guardian about the services being recommended.  You can also call the provider/clinic to ask for an estimate of what those services might cost.  Health Service does not manage the Student Health Insurance Plan.

The following list is not inclusive of all local providers and the ones listed are not recommended over other local clinics in the area not listed.


  • Walgreens: 507-645-9523
  • Econofoods: 507-645-4489
  • Northfield Pharmacy: 507-663-0344
  • Sterling Drug: 507-645-4455
  • Target CVS: 507-403-4014
  • Cub Foods: 507-664-9029

Local Clinics

  • Family Health Medical Clinic: 507-646-1494
  • Allina Medical Clinic: 507-663-9000 — walk-in hours M – F 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. (call the clinic to see current hours as they may changed)
  • Northfield Urgent Care: 507-664-9999 (shuttle vouchers are available)



Other Local Resources

  • Rice County Public Health: 507-645-9576

Medical Supply Rental

Transportation options