Health Insurance

Choosing a Plan

Choosing a Plan

Health insurance is an essential component of your benefits package. Use these tools and resources to help you decide which plan is right for you.

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Find a Doctor

Use this tool to help you find a doctor. Be sure to look for the coverage tier the provider falls into as this will determine the expenses you’ll incur.

Know Where to Go

Save money and time by going to the right place for the care you need. Make sure the doctor, clinic or hospital is in your network before getting care.


COVID Test Reimbursement

Faculty, staff and their dependents covered by the St. Olaf health insurance plan are eligible for reimbursement for a COVID home test kit.

Call the BCBS customer service phone number on the back of your subscriber ID card for information and assistance.

Complete the Prescription Drug Claim Form

Doctor on Demand

Get Care From The Comfort of Home 

With Doctor On Demand, video visits can be done in just minutes — with no travel time — which means it’s quick, it’s convenient and it saves money.

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