Getting started with Panopto

Logging in for the first time

If you have a St. Olaf login, you already have a Panopto account!
Just go to and log in with Google.

Making recordings

Once you’ve logged in you will be taken to the Panopto library space. This is where you will see your recordings once you make some.

You can also make recordings using Panopto Capture, a browser-based recorder, from the Create menu. Capture enables you to make Panopto recordings directly from Chrome or other supported browsers. Learn about Panopto Capture from this video.

Using your video library

This video gives a helpful overview of everything you can do within the Panopto video library. Note that you can click the icon in the lower right of the video to get a larger view.

Installing the Panopto recorder

Panopto Capture works fine in most situations, but a recording app is also available for Mac and Windows that some might prefer. You can download and install Panopto Recorder, and initiate recordings, from the video library’s Create menu.

You are welcome to install the recorder on any of your computers whether or not they are St. Olaf computers. Note that you will need OS 10.13 or newer to run the recorder on Macintosh. On St. Olaf Windows laptops, you will need to log in as an administrator using your Bitlocker password to complete the installation.

After installing the recorder, you may find you need to enter a server address. Enter to log in to the St. Olaf space.