Making a Panopto recording

At its simplest, you can just use the microphone on your laptop to record your voice and the computer screen. If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, or the built-in sound isn’t good enough, try using a USB headset or your earbuds (with microphone).

Remember that most St. Olaf classrooms are already set up to make Panopto recordings, and allow you to capture your handwriting using the doc cam or by aiming the camera at the whiteboard, so they can make very good recording spaces even when students are not present. Note that for best results recording whiteboard writing, it is important to record using a higher quality setting. See our FAQ pages for details.

Here’s an example of a Panopto lecture recording made by Professor Laura Listenberger of the Chemistry Department using the document camera in a Regents classroom. Use the arrow on the lower right to expand the recording into its own window in order to see the doc cam window.

Making a recording using the Panopto Capture browser-based editor (recommended in most cases)

Panopto Capture is the simplest way to get started with Panopto. Just go to using a supported browser and log in using your St. Olaf ID.

You’ll find Capture in the Create menu at the top center of your video library.

Using Panopto Recorder in Windows

Using Panopto Recorder on a Mac

Webcasting a live stream while recording