Using Panopto with Moodle

You don’t need to use Moodle in order to use Panopto, but if you’ve already developed Moodle courses, adding a Panopto block offers certain advantages.

  • When you select a course folder in the Panopto recorder, your recording is automatically posted to the connected Moodle course. Optionally, you can also control when a recording will become available.
  • Students are presented with a list of the available recordings in the Panopto block.
  • By default, your recordings are only available to students registered in the course. As students drop or add the course, Panopto dynamically manages access rights.
  • Panopto also creates an Assignment folder, where students can use Panopto to create their own Panopto recordings such as presentations.

Installing the Panopto block in a Moodle course

[iframe src=”” width=”720″ height=”528″></iframe]

The course folder becomes available in Panopto Recorder