Using Panopto with Moodle

You don’t need to use Moodle in order to use Panopto, but if you’ve already developed Moodle courses, linking the specific course to Panopto offers certain advantages.

  • When you select a course folder in the Panopto recorder, your recording is automatically posted to the connected Moodle course. Optionally, you can also control when a recording will become available.
  • Students are presented with a list of the available recordings in the Panopto folder view within the Moodle course.
  • By default, your recordings are only available to students registered in the course. As students drop or add the course, Panopto dynamically manages access rights.
  • Panopto also creates an Assignment folder, where students can use Panopto to create their own Panopto recordings such as presentations.

Here is more information on using Panopto with Moodle.