Lectures 2021-22

Recorded Lectures:

2021 Summer Lecture Series:

Recording – June 9 – Marcia Robinson, Dr. Marcia C. Robinson teaches the history of Christian thought and culture in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University in Upstate New York. For over 20 years, she has both published and given numerous presentations on Kierkegaard’s theological aesthetics and anthropology, and served in the leadership of the American Kierkegaard community. Her research and teaching also include women, religion, and anti-slavery reform in 19thc. America and religion and art in America.  Title: “Out over 70,000 Fathoms with the Lilies and the Birds: Easter as Philosophia in Kierkegaard’s 1849 Discourses on the Lilies and the Birds.” This talk focuses on what might be called the “Easter message” of Kierkegaard’s third set of discourses on the lilies and the birds. In doing so, it not only presents spirituality as wisdom, as a way of living appropriate for struggling human beings. But it also suggests in this message a window into Kierkegaard’s understanding of the nature of religion.

Recording  June 16 – Frances Maughen-Brown, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, College of the Holy Cross.  Title: “The Call in the Response: Kierkegaard’s Patterns.” This talk will take up the two different ways–in The Seducer’s Diary, and elsewhere–that Kierkegaard uses the term “pattern.” Paradoxically, it turns out, the repetition of images is not only what true “pattern,” or archi-image, must be distinguished from; it is at the same time what best helps us understand it.

Recording   June 23 – Antony Aumann, Associate Professor of Philosophy, No. Michigan University.  Title: “Kierkegaard on Risk, Loss, and Finding Happiness.” Kierkegaard counsels us to take risks. But what happens if they do not pan out? This paper examines Kierkegaard’s take on how to find happiness after losing everything.

Recording   June 30 – Jason Mahn, Professor of Religion, Conrad Bergendoff Chair in the Humanities, Director of the Presidential Center for Faith and Learning, Augustana College, IL  Title: “Kierkegaard and Camus on Neighbor Love through Pandemics.” Camus’s The Plague was widely read and discussed over the year of 2020–and for good reasons. Drawing on the reflections in his forthcoming book, Neighbor Love through Fearful Days, Jason Mahn will add Kierkegaard’s theology of love of neighbor to Camus’s musings about making meaning in the face of absurd suffering. With both existentialists as our teachers, we might learn to find/make meaning and purpose in times of pain and meaninglessness.

UTECH SEMINAR: July 7th   Recording   & 8th  Recording   – Sharon Krishek, Lecturer in Philosophy, The Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Title:  Kierkegaardian Selfhood and Romantic Love”  Using Kierkegaard’s analysis of selfhood in The Sickness unto Death, Dr. Krishek develops a conception of what she calls ‘individual essence’ and demonstrate the crucial role that one’s selfhood plays when it comes to romantic love.

Recording  July 14 – Rick Furtak, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Colorado College. Title: “Love of the Individual”  This talk will offer an interpretation of why Kierkegaard, in Works of Love, presents the divine power of love as being oriented toward the (realization and) appreciation of each person’s distinctive particularity, in such a manner as to provide us with insight into individual existence.

Recording  July 21 Ulrika Carlsson received her PhD from Yale in 2013. She has taught at LIU Brooklyn and Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. Title: “You are what you love”.  At its most formal level, love, in Kierkegaard’s thought, is a figure for teleology. Hence its prevalence in his writings: the essence of a person, their existential stance, and their approach to knowledge, is constituted by what and how they love. Going beyond the simple erotic/Christian binary, what models of love do we find in Kierkegaard’s works, and what are their corresponding views of life and knowledge?

Recording   July 28 – Spanish Lecture by Matias Tapia Wende – FONDECYT-Chile Postdoctorate at Universidad de Los Andes – Spanish – Título: “‘Hazlo en el nombre de Dios’: El asunto de conciencia en Kierkegaard“. Kierkegaard enfatiza repetidamente el carácter apolítico del cristianismo. Sin embargo, esto no significa que, para Kierkegaard, el cristiano sea indiferente a todo cambio en la esfera pública. Esta presentación aborda esta tensión a partir de la concepción kierkegaardiana del asunto de conciencia.
English – Title: “‘In God’s Name Do So’: Kierkegaard on Matters of Conscience.” Kierkegaard repeatedly stresses Christianity’s apolitical character. However, that does not mean that, for Kierkegaard, the Christian remains indifferent to any change in the public sphere. This presentation addresses this tension with the help of Kierkegaard’s notion of matters of conscience.

 The Julia Watkin Spring Memorial Lecture:    Recording  
Speaker: David Coe, MDiv, PhD, Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Concordia University, Nebraska  Title: “Kierkegaard and Luther: What Søren Kierkegaard Lauded, Lanced, Missed, and Misjudged of Martin Luther”

“Taking Kierkegaard Personally” :  Recording
The event consisted of a short introduction by the editors: Gordon Marino and St. Olaf alum Jamie Lorentzen, followed by a short reading from four authors of this newly published book “Taking Kierkegaard Personally: First Person Responses.” This unique publication includes chapters from worldly scholars who share their stories of the personal impact Kierkegaard has played in their lives. It was inspired by the Eighth International Kierkegaard Conference at St. Olaf College. More info and order a copy here

The Julia Watkin Fall Memorial Lecture:  Recording
–HKL Senior Research Fellow Jamie Aroosi, member of adjunct faculty at New York University’s School of Professional Studies– Title: “The Responsibility to Revolt: Søren Kierkegaard and the Politics of Love.”

Poul Lübcke Memorial Lecture Series – October    Recording
Associate Professor of Literature Nigel Hatton, University of California, Merced–
Title: “Kierkegaard and the Ethics of Advocating on Behalf of Others.”

Poul Lübcke Memorial Lecture Series – September  Recording
Professor of Philosophy Patrick Stokes, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia–
Title: “To Eternity by Telegram: Time and Judgement in The Sickness unto Death