Senior Research Fellows

Jamie Lorentzen (St. Olaf, B.A.; Middlebury, M.A.) is the author of Kierkegaard’s Metaphors (2001), Sober Cannibals, Drunken Christians: Kierkegaard, Melville, and Tragic Optimism in Polarized Worlds (2010), Becoming Human: Kierkegaardian Reflections on Ethical Models in Literature (2015), editor of Toward the Final Crossroads: A Festschrift for Howard and Edna Hong (2009), and has published comparative essays on Kierkegaard and Bob Dylan. He is currently working on a book provisionally entitled Reading Søren Kierkegaard in the New Dark Ages, or What He Says About the Art of Being a Good Reader in a World Without Libraries, Liberal Arts, and God.

In 2018, Jamie retired after 30 years of teaching public high school students something about literature, reading, and writing. He reads, writes, cooks, and walks with his wife, Jane, near the Mississippi River in Frontenac, Minnesota. He also helps clean and repair tombstones of their future neighbors in the village’s historic cemetery.