STOGoals: Broad Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Natural World

Students will use tools and ideas from many fields of study to understand human experiences, natural phenomena, and the relationships among them.

For example, students will be able to:

  • Create, perform, or respond critically to artistic works
  • Analyze literature, languages, histories, faith traditions, and ethical systems
  • Recognize both the opportunities and the obligations created by domestic and global diversity
  • Explain important patterns in human behaviors, relationships, cultures, and institutions, and the intersections among them
  • Use scientific methods to investigate the natural world
  • Draw on knowledge from several different fields to understand a topic or research an issue

Students can develop these abilities through experiences such as:

  • Completing General Education courses in Literary Studies, Historical Studies in Western Culture, and Scientific Exploration and Discovery
  • Performing in a dance ensemble or theater production
  • Mentoring someone from another country as an International Student Counselor
  • Attending performances at the Guthrie or Mixed Blood Theater hosted by Student Support Services and Multicultural Affairs
  • Completing courses or programs that satisfy more than one General Education requirement simultaneously
  • Volunteering in the Northfield community
  • Using information and ideas from a variety of courses in completing a course assignment
  • Attending cultural and education events hosted by the multicultural student organizations

of students explored literature, languages, philosophy, religion, or history during college.


of students understood human behaviors, relationships, politics, or social patterns during college.