The St. Olaf Physics Department offers a strong, flexible major and a specialized concentration in engineering. Both programs provide excellent undergraduate research opportunities and applied projects. We are a lively department with a sense of community among students, faculty and staff.

The faculty have a passion for connecting physics to many other areas of science and technology, and for pondering the fundamentals of matter and energy responsible for an enormous variety of phenomena in nature. Training in physics includes mathematics, computer programming, and quantitative reasoning – opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

We graduate an average of 22 physics majors each year. Please check out our Physics Phun Photos, the stories and videos below, and the links at the right to find out more!

Science Exploration Kits

Science Exploration Kits

The students of PHYS 232 answered the charge to create science kits to help students with remoter learning. These kits can be explored with items around the home! Click here and start your exploration!