Fall 2014 Classical Mechanics (PHYS 374) Final Projects

The following are links to videos that students in Physics 374 (Classical Mechanics, Professor Amy Kolan) submitted as their final project for fall semester 2014.  Enjoy!

John Bruer, Singing in the Shower – Why you sound so great?  Video

Luke Burnett, Intermediate Axis Theory Video

Hao Du, Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem Video

Jordan Dull, Hamiltonian Chaos and a Swinging Atwood’s Machine  Video

Jacob Forster, Feynman’s Wobbling Plate  Video

Daniel Hickox-Young, Normal Modes of Mass-Spring System with Non-Uniform Spring Constants  Video

Andrew Hoffman, The Coriolis Effect  video

Matthew Ingalls, Double Bubbles Video

Emily L Johnson, Parametric Instability Demonstration  Video

Spenser Johnson, Slow Motion Video of a Tippe Top with explanation  Video

Joseph Jung, Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem – Non-Linear Chain Simulation   Video

Kyle Keenen, Physics of Bowling  Video

Suzy Kirch, The Phenomenon of Barbershop Overtones  Video

Henry Koon, Bike Stability Video

Rodney Lalonde, Dynamic Stabilization of a Vertically Driven Inverted Pendulum  Video

Jacob LaNasa, Visualizing SHOs and the Double Well Potential    Video

Nick McLain, Fly Fishing Dynamics  Video

Sam Pauly & Thomas von Bibra, Singing Wineglasses: Exploration of Higher vibrational modes  Video

Owen Puls, Fermi, Pasta, Ulam Video

Nick Rekuski, The Voss Algorithm and 1/f Music  Video

Connor Rowley & Andrew Reiter, Parametric Oscillator & Swings Video

Kollin Rozmarynowski, Pink Noise in Music  Video

Andrew Turnblad, Parametric Instability  Video

Amy Turner, Tartini Tones  Video

Ryan van Mechelen, Physics of a Superball: The Ball That Bounces Back!   Video

Robin Wheelus, Analyzing the Normal Modes of Orchestral Crotales at Various Water Depths  Video

Adam Wood, The Wobbling Plate Video

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