Advising FAQs

Q1. “I have a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Psych exam. Do I still need to take Psych 125?”
A1. No, students with scores of 4 or 5 receive HBS credit and are exempt from Psych 125.

Q2. “Where can I find info about AP/IB/PSEO credits?”
A2. Check THIS link on the Registrar’s webpage.

Q3. “How do I transfer psych major credit for courses that I take at another institution during the summer or as part of an off-campus program?”
A3. Send an email to the department chair listing the institution and course in which you are interested. Attach a copy of the catalog description and a syllabus if available.Note: only courses that the Registrar deems acceptable for St. Olaf credit may be counted toward the psych major. It is a good idea to check with the Registrar’s Office about this in advance of actually take the course.

Q4. “Can I count my internship (Psych 394) as one of the two required Level III courses for the psych major?
A4. No, as noted on the department’s advising worksheet, internships count toward the major as an elective course but do not fulfill the Level III requirement.

Q5. “If I take two IRs (Psych 398) or Research Groups (Psych 396), will that fulfill the Level III requirement?
A5. No, only one Psych 396/398 may be used in this way.

Q6. “Where can I find a copy of the Psychology Major Worksheet?”
A6. The pdf of the worksheet is on the department web page:

Q7. “How many courses may be taken S/U in the psych major?”
A7. Only 1 of the 11 courses may be taken S/U.

Q8. “How can I find out about internships in psychology?”
A8. Follow the links on the department web page: and

Q9. How can I find out about careers and graduate school in psychology?”
A9. Follow the links on the department web page: