Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rooms air-conditioned?
None of the rooms on campus are air-conditioned. We recommend that students bring fans.

Can students beds be lofted?
The furniture provided does allow for the possibility of lofting and bunking if students choose. To loft students need to check out a loft kit – which they can do at check in at no cost.  Students do not need to reserve a loft kit before checking in.

Are bed rails available?
We do have bed rails available for students to check out to put on their beds if their bed is lofted or if they are the top bunk.

What size are the mattresses?
All residence halls have twin extra long mattresses (36″x80″).

Are halogen lamps permitted?
Halogen lamps are considered a fire hazard so they are not allowed in the residence halls. For the same reason, students are not allowed to have candles in their rooms.

Are microwaves permitted?
No, the college provides a refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit in each student room for students to use.

Can I bring a refrigerator?
No, the college provides a refrigerator/freezer/microwave unit in each student room for students to use.

May students be released from the four-year residency requirement?
Not usually.  This requirement is fundamental to our mission and only those with exceptional circumstances are approved to move off campus. Students who feel they have an exceptional circumstance may complete an off campus application.

How many students live off campus?
About 130.

Are students allowed to have pets?
The only pets allowed are fish. Fish tanks may be no larger than 15 gallons.

When students leave for breaks, do they need to move out their belongings or turn their keys?
Students will not be required to move their belongings out or turn in their key for breaks.

When are the residence halls open?
The residence halls open for returning students on Labor Day at 9:00 a.m. incoming first-year students arrive the Saturday before the returning students.

Residence halls are always locked.  St. Olaf students may access a locked residence hall with their St. Olaf ID. Between 11 p.m.–7 a.m. a student may only access the locked residence hall they are assigned to live in.

Students have access to their rooms during every break.

Are the rooms carpeted?
Ellingson, Hilleboe, Hoyme, Kildahl, Larson, Mellby, Rand, Thorson, and Ytterboe Halls are the only halls that are carpeted.

Is storage available?
Each residence hall has limited space available for storage of trunks, luggage, and full boxes. Storage rooms are open Monday and Thursday evenings from 7-7:30 p.m. We do not allow the storage of the following: bicycles, furniture, refrigerators, empty boxes, flammables.

Can students nail things to the walls?
Students may not nail things to the walls. Hooks, etc. with adhesive that does not damage paint may be used in student rooms. Room damages are charged to residents at the end of each year.

What furniture comes in my room?
All rooms are equipped with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and desk chair for each student in the room. Neutral colored draperies are on the windows. All college owned furniture must stay in the room.

Are room measurements available?
Room measurements are available on each individual Residence Hall section of the Residence Life web site.

Are rooms networked?
All rooms are equipped for immediate wireless network access.

Is cable television available?
Cable television is provided in the lounge(s), but not student rooms.

Is there a laundry or linen service?
No linen service is provided, however each hall has laundry facilities available for students to use. There is no additional cost for students to use the washers and dryers on campus.

Are there co-ed floors and halls?
All buildings are co-ed – usually by floor.

Where do students get their mail?
All students have mailboxes in Buntrock Commons. There is also a central mail room where students may pick up any packages mailed to campus. Packages are not delivered to the individual residence halls or college houses. Mail should be addressed with the student’s first and last name, and street address 1500 St. Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057-1574.

Are newspapers available?
The Wall Street Journal, Star Tribune and USA Today are available in the main lobby of each residence hall.

Are there places to secure bicycles
There are bicycle racks located in various locations both in the residential area and near the academic buildings for students to secure their bike.

Is smoking permitted?
Smoking in academic or residential buildings is prohibited. People may smoke outside at least 20 feet away from any residence hall.

What is the rule on alcohol and drugs?
Possessing, distributing or consuming illicit drugs and alcoholic beverages is prohibited on campus.