Title IX CORE Team

The Coordinated Response (CORE) Team at St. Olaf is charged with conducting initial assessments of all reports of sexual harassment. This assessment process ensures prompt, thorough, equitable, and fair processes for all persons involved in Title IX matters and helps to maintain the safety and well-being of individual students and the St. Olaf community as a whole. Members of the CORE Team include theĀ Title IX Coordinator, Christopher Medley (Associate Dean of Students ), and Derek Kruse (Director of Public Safety). All new reports of sexual harassment are discussed weekly at the CORE Team meetings. In accomplishing its purposes, the CORE Team strives to protect and safeguard the privacy of all involved.

One of the primary functions of the team is to determine whether a report of sexual harassment requires the establishment of interim measures to ensure the well-being of the individuals involved, such as no-contact orders or academic accommodations. Another function is to determine whether a report raises concerns about ongoing safety risks that could obligate the college to initiate a Grievance Process, even if the reporting student requested otherwise. Such cases are extremely rare; the CORE Team generally follows the expressed preferences of the reporting party. The CORE Team strives to protect and safeguard the privacy of all individuals involved in prohibited conduct matters while performing a careful assessment of and response to reports.