Student Employment

IT employs approximately 20 student workers in the summer and 30 during the academic year to staff the Helpdesk, assist with computer installation and maintenance, update official St. Olaf webpages, monitor the classroom computers, and help with workshops and faculty projects.

IT Student Employment Applications, Authorizations, and Time Cards:

  • Student Employment Application
    Fill out the application online. Supervisors will select students to interview based on their qualifications.
  • Online Student Employment Authorization Form.
    If hired for a position, you will receive a student work authorization notice via e-mail.  Read the student user guide for more information.
  • Time Entry System (TES)
    Students are paid monthly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer.  Keep track of your hours via the online Time Entry System . Be sure to “sign” your time card electronically at the end of the pay period.

IT Student Employment Positions:

  • Classroom Technology Assistant (Supervisor: Dana Thompson)
    The classroom assistants work with the Presentation Technology Manager to monitor and update the computers, projectors, and other equipment in the classrooms and meeting rooms.
  • Computer Repair Services Technician
    Computer Repair Services Student Technicians are responsible for installing software and repairing computer hardware.
  • Instructional Technology Interns
    The Instructional Technology Assistants work in the Media Lab, assisting faculty, staff, and students with projects, such as designing posters with Photoshop, creating Moodle sites, developing WordPress websites, editing audio/video with GarageBand/ iMovie and Final Cut Pro, creating and printing large-format posters, making eTexts with iBooks Author and Pressbooks, and supporting iPads.
  • Macintosh Systems Administrator Assistants:
    The Macintosh Systems Administrator Assistant installs software and repairs Macintosh hardware.
  • Office, Inventory, and Network Assistants
    These student assistants help the IT Office Coordinator and other full-time staff with a variety of tasks, such as checking in equipment, updating the IT inventory in Web Helpdesk, maintaining wireless access points on campus, and more.
  • Technology Consulting Assistant
    Technology Consulting Assistants work at the IT Helpdesk, providing a robust first and second level of technical support that ensures that client questions and problems are resolved in a timely and professional manner.
  • Web Assistant
    The Web Assistant helps the Webmaster develop and maintain the St. Olaf Web site. The Web Assistant also provides training and assistance to faculty, staff, and students on how to use HTML, supported Web editors, and other Web-related applications.