Student Government Association (SGA)

For more information on the Student Government Association, commonly referred to as SGA, visit this website:

The staff serve as advisors to the following Student Government Committees:

Student Activities Committee

Homecoming, President’s Ball, variety events, movies, off-campus events, Super Fan: John Bruer

Political Awareness Committee

Electoral candidates, large lectures: Rachel Palermo

Diversity Celebrations Committee

Cultural awareness months & activities: Kayla Dharampaul. Financial Officer: Nilakshi Biswas

Lion’s Pause

Kitchen, hosts events, movie rental: Shan Allen & Becca Strommen

Volunteer Network

Volunteer week and fairs, recognition, volunteer programs, Halloween party, Fly-In: Anna Christianson

Music Entertainment Committee

All music programming – large and small concerts: Connor Petersen

After Dark Committee

Creates and runs programming for students after 10p.m.: Erin Hynes

Student Government Association

The voice of the students; oversees all programming, financial matters and publicity: President: John Schwirtz, Vice President: Wendy Raymond, Executive Assistant: Nick Stumo-Langer, Financial Officer: Gabby Keller, Marketing and Communications Officer: Maddie Crowley

Board of Regents Student Committee

The student connection to the Board of Regents: Will Raun

Student Alumni Association

The student liaison to the Alumni Board: Bailey Williams

Student Organizations Committee

Over 200 recognized student organizations, funding organization events:Dan Frankenfeld ; David Williams, Financial Coordinator.