Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook

Compiled by the Office of Student Activities, the Student Organization Handbook is designed to provide students with the information they need to lead successful student organizations at St. Olaf. To make suggestions for future editions or to get additional resources, contact the OSA at
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Using the Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook is the one-stop-shop for all things relating to student organizations at St. Olaf. Organization leaders are expected to be familiar with the guidelines and policies outlined in the Handbook.

The Handbook is designed to be a searchable Google Doc that is automatically updated with each revision. Throughout the document, links are provided to direct users to additional resources, websites, and forms. If you believe there is an error in the Handbook, please let the OSA team know.

Handbook Contents

The Handbook covers a wide array of topics from bonfires to tie-dye and everything in between. A complete table of contents is available in the Handbook. General topics present in the Handbook include:

  • The Office of Student Activities
  • General Student Organization Information
  • Organization Finances & Fundraisers
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Transportation & Travel
  • Additional Campus Policies