Student Organization Finances

How does my organization request money?

SGA Funding Request

Recognized student organizations can get money by requesting it through a funding branch of SGA. DISC, SOC, and VN all accept funding requests from organizations that fall under their purview. In general, the process is as follows:

  • Prepare and submit an estimated itemized budget for all supplies and other associated costs. Note: Funding requests must be made for specific events and initiatives.
  • Attend a meeting of your organization’s funding branch. You will likely be asked questions about your funding request and the branch’s membership will vote to approve, amend, or deny your request.
  • If your funding request is approved, the money will be transferred into your organization’s Lawson account.

When submitting funding requests, SGA branches will often ask what other methods you plan to use to raise money in addition to receiving funds from branches. We have created a webpage dedicated to helping student organizations host successful fundraisers.

How do I use my organization’s money?


It is important to maintain a consistent understanding of where your organizational funds are at.  To check, log in to Lawson Budget Reporting and navigate to your organization. Feeling stuck? Take a look at our Lawson guide.

Credit Cards & Amazon

Now that you know what you’re working with there are a few ways to proceed.  If you’ve completed the OrgEssentials Financial Training at some point in the year (needs to be repeated each academic year), you are able to check out a credit card from the OSA. Credit cards can be used for both in-person and online organization expenses. If your supplies can be acquired from Amazon, we will place an order for you. To order, please use our Amazon Order Form.

Check Requests

A check can be used to pay an invoice or outside talent. To request a check, student organization by filling out a Check Request Form and having it approved by an OSA staff member.  Contracts are often paid using checks that are funded by your student organization as well. Contracts can be tricky so make sure you’re following the proper contract procedures.