Student Organization Travel

Want to travel? Let us help you get there.

Travel can offer unique opportunities for students to live out the mission of their organizations while away from the Hill.  Conferences, service trips, competitions, and many other reasons exist for student organizations to travel.  We are here to help make sure your trip is a success!

How to Travel: Step by Step

Whether you are staying local or traveling farther away from campus, a successful trip takes a fair amount of planning. Read through the below steps and contact the OSA team with any questions that arise!
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Mileage can be reimbursed (at the College rate) if you are driving a personal vehicle. For this, you need to fill out a reimbursement form and print a map of your trip. If you are reimbursing other travel costs, you will need attach receipts to the form. Your organization must have sufficient funds in your Lawson account to be reimbursed. All forms must be signed by OSA staff.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to act in ways that align with St. Olaf’s Code of Conduct and represent the College in its best light. Student conduct policies found in the Student Handbook still apply while students are traveling away from campus with a student organization.

Traveling with Advisors

Staff/advisors are not required to travel with student organizations, nor are they prohibited from doing so. Each department on campus may have its own policy about accompanying students. However, it is strongly encouraged that advisors know as much about the trip as possible.