Andy Warhol and his Contemporaries: an urban milieu

New York in the 70s and 80s
Guest Co-Curator: Christopher Tradowsky


Tuesday, November 6, noon, in Flaten Art Museum, Center for Art and Dance:
Christopher Tradowsky, guest curator of the exhibit, “Andy Warhol and His Contemporaries: an urban milieu – NY in the ’70s, ’80s and today” will talk about the exhibit.

Exhibition Brochure (Pdf)

In 2008, the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program gifted several of his Polaroids and black & white photographs to Flaten Art Museum and 79 other such institutions across the country. Prof. Tradowsky is creating a show featuring photographs that reflect an urban milieu–that milieu being New York in the 70s and 80s. He is particularly interested in the way the photographs rather unselfconsciously reflect both Warhol’s Factory friends and colleagues and the celebrities he admired. Included in the exhibit will also be photographs borrowed from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; the Trout Gallery at Dickinson College; Amy Elkins, photographer, and the Richard Yancey Gallery; and the Warhol Museum.

Warhol Exhibition

1. Ramon J. Muxter, American, 1945 – 2007 
“Tom Waits and Madonna”, 1982
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Gift of James and Deidre Szalapski, 89.100.29
© Ramon J. Muxter

2.  Amy Elkins
“Kyle Brooklyn NY 2007”
Courtesy of the Artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
© Amy Elkins

3. Andy Warhol, American
“Martha Graham”
Gift of the Andy Warhol Foundation, Courtesy of The Trout Gallery, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

4. Andy Warhol, American
” Man with Dog”
Gift of the Andy Warhol Foundation, Collection of Flaten Art Museum