St. Olaf Learning Goals Questionnaire (LGQ)

About the LGQ

Administered to incoming first-year students during Week One, and to the same group of first-years and to graduating seniors in the spring semester, the St. Olaf Learning Goals Questionnaire (LGQ) was developed by a team of faculty and staff to help students reflect on their learning experiences and accomplishments in relation to the learning outcomes (STOGoals) the college has established for all its students. Results are used to help students understand how their learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom fit together, to examine the extent to which students are prepared for the first few years after college, and to enhance academic advising practices and outcomes.

LGQ Administration Summary

The St. Olaf Learning Goals Questionnaire (LGQ) was administered to a random sample of incoming first-year students in the fall of 2018. During the spring 2019 semester, the same first-year students were invited to complete the spring semester instrument. Members of the senior class who were not sampled to complete the Collegiate Learning Assessment were also invited to complete the spring semester senior LGQ. The LGQ was previously administered in the fall of 2015 to incoming first-year students and to first-year students and seniors in the spring of 2016.

LGQ Results by Year

Student engagement with college-wide learning goals