Sharing Panopto recordings

Sharing Panopto recordings

Panopto recordings can be shared using a link which you will find in the settings for the recordings. The link can be shared via email, added to a Moodle course or added to a web page. Panopto recordings can also be embedded in Moodle or any other web page. Scroll down to see an example of an embedded Panopto recording.

One way to share your Panopto recordings is to log in to your Panopto video library at

There are two steps to sharing a Panopto recording. First, you need to get the link by clicking the Sharing icon for the video.

Second, you need to make sure the intended people can view the recording by making an appropriate choice under Who has access.

Note that in addition to sharing individual videos, you can also share entire folders from your video library. Any video you place in a shared folder will automatically be shared with the same people or groups, saving you the work of sharing videos one at a time.

You will sometimes run into situations where a student can’t view a recording you’ve shared with them, either as a link or within Moodle. This is usually because you’ve neglected to select an appropriate sharing setting.

There are three possibilities for addressing this problem.

  • If it’s just a few people, you can make sharing settings that allow specific individuals access.
  • If multiple people need access, we recommend the setting “Anyone at your organization with the link.” This means that only logged-in St. Olaf users will be able to view the link.
  • Using Panopto in a Moodle course, once a linkage has been established, offers much more control over who can view a recording, which Panopto manages automatically. You don’t have to use this functionality to use Panopto recordings in a Moodle course, but in many cases it is the best recommendation. Have a look at Using Panopto in Moodle for more information.

We do not recommend “Anyone at your organization” or “Anyone with the link.”

More about sharing Panopto recordings

This video provides further details about how to share Panopto folders and recordings. Note that you can click the arrow in the lower right of the video to get a larger view.