Banquet & Initiation Speakers

Over the years there have been many distinguished guest speakers at the chapter’s annual spring banquet. At the initiation preceding the banquet, one of the seniors elected to membership in the fall usually delivers a brief address to the new initiates. Banquet speakers and student speakers for the Delta of Minnesota are listed chronologically below:

1950: Henning Larsen, Professor of English, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Illinois; Walter A.Stromseth ’50
1951: C. H. Gingrich, Professor of Mathematics & Astronomy, Carleton College; Howard T. Cole ’51
1952: Sister Marie Philip, Professor of Romance Languages, College of St. Catherine; Harold I. Lunde ’52
1953: Maurice B. Visscher, Professor of Physiology, University of Minnesota; John A. Nilsen ’53
1954: R. Homer Norton, Professor of History, Acting Dean of Grinnell College; Doris Wisbroecker ’54
1955: A. C. Krey, Professor of History, University of Minnesota; James Finholt ’55
1956: John Mason Brown, Hill Family Foundation Lecturer; Ruth Stolen ’56
1957: Hermann R. Muelder, Dean of Knox College; Lee Ann L. Irgens ’57
1958: William Riker, Chairman, Department of Political Science, Lawrence College; James W. Nybakken ’58
1959: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Ernest J. Simmons, Professor of Russian Literature, Columbia University; Solveig Lokensgard Nesset ’59
1960: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Theodore M. Greene, Professor of Humanities, Scripps College; Alan H. Nelson ’60
1961: Laurence M. Gould, President of Carleton College; Jeannine E. Fahsl ’61
1962: Herbert A. Krause, Chairman, Department of English, Augustana College (Sioux Falls); Julianne House ’62
1963: John B. Wolf, Professor of History, University of Minnesota; Roger A. Hegstrom ’63
1964: Sister Kevin O’Hara, Professor of Philosophy, College of St. Catherine; David L. Nelson ’64
1965: Bryce Crawford, Jr., Dean of the Graduate School, University of Minnesota; James R. Johnson ’65
1966: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Kirtley F. Mather, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Harvard University; David N. Medalen ’66
1968: John Ferguson, Professor of Classics, University of Minnesota; Robert M. Rennebohm ’68
1969: Richard G. Peterson, Professor of English & Classics, St. Olaf College; John D. Lang ’69
1971: Howard Swearer, President of Carleton College; Karen E. Greenfield Everett ’71
1972: Walter J. Breckenridge, Director Emeritus, University of Minnesota Museum of Natural History; John L. Mestemacher ’72
1973: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Jeremy Paul Kagan, American Film Institute, Los Angeles; B. Kristine Olson ’73
1974: Kenneth Bjork, Professor of History and Economics, St. Olaf College; Mary M. Austin ’74
1975: St. Olaf Faculty Panel: Kent Eklund (Political Science), Albert Finholt (Chemistry), Lowell Johnson (English), Howard Hong (Philosophy); M. Douglas Bogenhagen ’75
1976: Harriet Sheridan, Dean of Carleton College; Lynn M. Seifert ’76
1977: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Oscar Handlin, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor (American History), Harvard University; Randall E. Wedin ’77
1978: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Wayne C. Booth, Distinguished Service George M. Pullman Professor of English, University of Chicago; Kim A. Severson ’78
1979: Howard Hong, Professor of Philosophy, St. Olaf College; Paul H. Benson ’79
1980: The Rev. Lowell Erdahl, Hope University Lutheran Church, Minneapolis; Nancy J. Shaw ’80
1981: Nicholas G. L. Hammond, Visiting Professor of Classics, St. Olaf College; Eileen A. Scallen ’81
1982: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Herbert Solomon, Professor of Statistics, Stanford University; W. Douglas Zimmerman ’82
1983: Edna H. Hong, Distinguished Lecturer and Writer; Scott A. Nelson ’83
1984: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Stephen G. Nicholls, Jr., Dept. of Romance Languages & Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College
1985: Melvin George, President of St. Olaf College; Ansis V. Viksnins ’85
1986: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Roland Mushat Frye, Schelling Professor Emeritus of English Literature, University of Pennsylvania
1987: David Porter, President of Carleton College; Gregory W. Barsness ’87
1988: Albert Finholt, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, St. Olaf College
1989: Reidar Dittmann, Professor of Art and Norwegian, St. Olaf College
1990: Allan D. Garnaas (St. Olaf ’65), Landscape Architect; Stacia A. Taylor ’90
1991: Elizabeth McKinsey, Dean of Carleton College
1992: Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Hyman Bass, Professor of Mathematics, Columbia University
1993: Kristen A. Engelhardt ’93, Heidi L. Kjos ’93
1994: Mark A. Pearson ’94
1995: Sarah K. Solum ’95
1996: Meredith K. Schrader ’96
1997: Andrea L. Lampland ’97, Sharad Rajpal ’97
1998: Albert Finholt, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, St. Olaf College
1999: George Hardgrove, Professor of Chemistry, St. Olaf College; Sarah E. Vos ’99
2000: Herbert M. Stellner, Jr. ’50; Anders O. Hendrickson ’00
2001: Duane Olson, Professor of Physics, St. Olaf College; Matthew C. Steenberg ’01
2002: Reidar Dittmann, Professor Emeritus of Art and Norwegian, St. Olaf College; Maren E. Flynn ’02
2003: James M. May, Professor of Classics, Provost and Dean of St. Olaf College; Jeremy W. Strief ’03
2004: James Farrell, Professor of History; Megan Gregory ’04
2005: David Wee, Professor of English; Laura C. Taylor ’05
2006: Mac Gimse, Professor Emeritus of Art; Michelle LaBerge ’06
2007: David R. Anderson, President of the College; Katharine Klotzbach ’07
2008: John A. Ferguson, Professor of Music; Rebecca A. Huncosky ’08
2009: Wesley Pearson, Professor of Chemistry; Elizabeth A. Vickers ’09
2010: David Wee, Professor Emeritus of English; Bryant D. Torkelson ’10
2011: Paul Zorn, Professor of Mathematics; Elspeth J. Keables ’11