Honorary Members

Delta of Minnesota – Honorary & Alumni Members

Those who attended St. Olaf College but were not elected to Phi Beta Kappa as undergraduates may be elected later as alumni members of the Delta of Minnesota. Those who did their undergraduate work at an institution other than St. Olaf may be elected to honorary membership in the chapter. During each designated triennium (e.g., 2000-03), no more than four alumni members and two honorary members may be elected. The main criterion for election is an outstanding record of scholarly contributions to the liberal arts.


List of Honorary and Alumni Members of the Delta of Minnesota
* = Honorary Member
** = Alumnus or Alumna Member

Elected May, 2020:
Anton Armstrong**
Mark Dimunation**

Elected March, 2017:
Terry L. Papillon**

Elected April, 2014:
Gerald Hoekstra*

Elected November, 2013:
Brynhild Rowberg ’39**

Elected April, 2012:
Gwendolyn Barnes-Karol*

Elected April, 2008:
John A. Ferguson*
Mary E. Titus*

Elected April, 2007:
W. Bruce Benson*

Elected April, 2006:
Christopher Thomforde*

Elected April, 2004:
William Carlson*

Elected April, 2003:
James J. Farrell*
Cora Scholz ’61**
Howard I. Thorsheim ’63**

Elected April, 2002:
Patrick J. Quade ’65**
Anantanand Rambachan*

Elected April, 2000:
Mary S. Carlsen ’79**
A. Malcolm Gimse [’58]**
Odd S. Lovoll*

Elected April, 1999:
Phyllis Hyland Larson ’69**
Timothy J. Mahr ’78**

Elected April, 1998:
James L. Pence*

Elected April, 1992:
Reidar Dittmann ’48**
Miles H. Johnson*

Elected April, 1991:
James M. May*

Elected April, 1987:
Lloyd L. Gunderson ’53**
Edward A. Sovik ’39**

Elected April, 1985:
Lynn A. Steen*

Elected April, 1984:
Roy W. Meyer ’48**
Joseph M. Shaw ’49**

Elected April, 1979:
Kenneth L. Jennings ’50**
Gerald H. Thorson*

Elected Nov., 1977:
Ivar Ivask*

Elected April, 1977:
Edna Hatlestad Hong ’38**
Paul C. Johnson ’28**

Elected April, 1973:
Daryle M. Feldmeir ’48**

Elected April, 1972:
Lloyd A. Svendsbye*

Elected April, 1971:
John N. Maakestad ’50**

Elected April, 1970:
Lloyd M. Hustvedt ’49**

Elected April, 1969:
Kenneth W. Thompson [’43]*

Elected April, 1968:
Loring D. Knecht ’47**
Elmer M. Rusten ’25**

Elected April, 1967:
E. Clifford Nelson ’33**

Elected April, 1966:
William H. K. Narum ’43**

Elected April, 1965:
Cyrus M. Running ’34**

Elected May, 1964:
Sidney A. Rand*

Elected April, 1963:
Chauncey G. Bly ’41**
Everett E. Hagen ’27**

Elected April, 1962:
Harold H. Ditmanson ’42**

Elected May, 1960:
Arnold W. Flaten ’22**
Howard V. Hong ’34**
Hendrik J. Svien ’31**

Elected April, 1957:
Albert Christ-Janer ’31**
Albert M. Holmquist ’14**
Hiram L. Jome ’18**
Orin M. Lofthus ’28**

Elected April, 1953:
Adelaide E. Evenson ’22**
Roy L. Reierson ’26**
William M. Sandstrom ’18**
John A. Vieg ’26**

Elected April, 1952:
Martin Hegland ’04**
Robert A. L. Mortvedt ’24**

Elected May, 1950:
Kenneth O. Bjork ’30**
Emil O. Ellingson ’06**
Oscar J. Falnes ’21**
Clemens M. Granskou ’17**
Lars O. Grondahl ’04**
Magnus R. Hestenes ’27**
Gertrude M. Hilleboe ’12**
Theodore Huggenvik ’15**
J. Theodore Jorgensen ’23**
Herbert A. Krause ’33**
Henrietta M. Larson ’18**
Carl A. Mellby*
Norman W. Nordstrand ’33**
Nora O. Solum ’16**
Harry R. Tosdal ’09**