Resident Members

Delta of Minnesota – Resident Members

The “resident members” of the Delta of Minnesota are those members of the St. Olaf faculty and staff who belong to Phi Beta Kappa, including retirees living in the Northfield area.

List of resident members of the Delta of Minnesota, 2019-20

* = graduated from St. Olaf College

Abdella, Beth* – Chemistry
Ananda-Owens, Kathryn – Music
Anderson, Carolyn – Anthropology (retired)
Anderson, David R.* – President of St. Olaf College
Barnes-Karol, Gwendolyn – Spanish
Beckman, Patricia – Religion
Berger, Linda* – Music (retired)
Berliner, Adam – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Berry, Anne – Writing; Center for Advising and Academic Support
Beussman, Douglas – Chemistry
Blake, Stephen – History (retired)
Borovsky, Brian* – Physics
Bouxsein, Hilary – Classics
Benson, Bruce – College Pastor (retired)
Broner, Maggie – Spanish
Brook, Laurel – AAA Team North
Brown, Richard – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Brunelle, Christopher – Classics (retired)
Cahoon, Kirsten* – Piper Center for Vocation and Career
Canon, Susan – Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Carlsen, Mary* – Social Work
Carlson, William – Economics (retired)
Casson, Douglas – Political Science
Cederberg, James – Physics (retired)
Cederberg, Judith* – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (retired)
Chapp, Christopher – Political Science
Cherewatuk, Karen – English
Cisar, Mary – French
Crane, Ruth* – NAHA (retired)
Cunningham, Arthur – Philosophy
De Krey, Gary* – History; Director, Archives (retired)
Draxler, Bridget* – Writing; Center for Advising and Academic Support
Emery, David – Economics (retired)
Entenmann, Robert – History (retired)
Faillettaz, Vernon – Religion (retired)
Feiler, Lauren – Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Fenster, Steve – Admissions
Ferguson, John – Music  (retired)
Ford, Connie – Student Disability Services Specialist, ASC (retired)
Frey, Olivia – English (retired)
Gimse, Malcolm – Art (retired)
Glampe, Kathy* – Center for Advising and Academic Support
Gray, Charles – Music
Grenberg, Jeanine – Philosophy
Groton, Anne – Classics
Halgorson, Meredith – Environmental Studies, Biology
Hall-Holt, Olaf – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Hanson, Bruce* – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Hardgrove, George – Chemistry (retired)
Harper, Vicki – Philosophy (retired)
Helling, Barbara – Behavioral Sciences (retired)
Helms, Kyle – Classics
Hill, Susan – Advancement
Hoekstra, Gerald – Music (retired)
Hodgson, Ashley – Economics
Jackson, Paul* – Chemistry; Environmental Science
Jennings, Carolyn – Music (retired)
Johnson, Lowell* – English (retired)
Kandl, Kimberly – Biology
Kiester, Gloria* – Music (retired)
Kleber, JoAnn – Oslo Summer School (retired)
Kleber, Richard* – Mathematics (retired)
Kolan, Amy – Physics
Kuxhausen, Anna – History
Larson, Loren – Mathematics (retired)
Larson, Phyllis* – Japanese (retired)
Lehmann, Carl* – General Counsel, President’s Office
Lennox, Naurine – Social Work (retired)
Listenberger, Laura – Biology
Lovoll, Odd – Norwegian & History (retired)
Lund, Cynthia – Kierkegaard Library (retired)
Lund, Eric – Religion (retired)
Mahr, Timothy* – Music
Malmgren, Jodi* – International and Off-Campus Studies
Marsalek, Karen (Sawyer)* – English
May, James – Classics (retired)
McKelvey, Steven – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Mohl, Emily – Biology and Education
Moore, Leslie* – Piper Center for Vocation and Career
Narváez, León – Spanish
Nichol, Todd* – History; Editor, NAHA (retired)
Nordstrom-Loeb, Bruce -Sociology/Anthropoogy (retired)
Olson, Duane* – Physics (retired)
Tegtmeyer Pak, Katherine – Political Science/Asian Studies
Paton, Priscilla – English
Peabody, Seth – German
Peters, Dolores – History (retired)
Petok, Jessica – Psychology
Postlethwaite, Diana – English (retired)
Quade, Patrick* – Theater; Director, IOCS (retired)
Quimby, Joanne – Asian Studies
Rambachan, Anantanand – Religion
Reece, Steve – Classics
Rholl, Steve – Microcomputing Consultant, IIT (retired)
Ripley, Jason – Religion
Roback, Paul* – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Roesselet, Kevin* – Chemistry
Schalliol, David – Sociology/Anthropology
Schillinger, Jamie* – Religion
Scholz, Cora* – Music (retired)
Scholz, Robert* – Music (retired)
Shaw, Joseph* – Religion (retired); College Historian
Sherman, Bonnie – Psychology (retired)
Sivanich, George – Psychology (retired)
Smalling, Susan – Social Work
Smith, Kay – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (retired)
Stoutland, Judith* – English (retired)
Stratmoen, Lois – IT (retired)
Stromseth, Betty A. Johnson * – International and Off-Campus Studies (retired)
Stromseth, Walter* – Philosophy (retired)
Sundby, Mark* – Psychology (retired)
Thalhammer, Kris – Political Science
Thompson, Kelsey* – Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Thompson, Nancy – Art
Thorsheim, Howard* – Psychology (retired)
Titus, Mary – English
Tuma, Kathryn* – International and Off-Campus Studies (retired)
Umbanhowar, Charles, Jr. – Biology
Velde, Inga – Music Library
Wallace, Martha* – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (retired)
Walmsley, David – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Wee, David* – English (retired)
Wee, DeWayne* – Music (retired)
Williamson, Thomas* – Sociology/Anthropology
Wilson, Charles* – Religion
Wood, Adam * – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Zempel, Solveig* – Norwegian (retired)
Zimmerman, Larry* – Music (retired)
Zorn, Paul – Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (retired)