Student Government Association (SGA)

For more information on the Student Government Association, commonly referred to as SGA, visit Oleville, otherwise contact information can be found below for each branch of Student Government:

Student Goverment Association Logo





Student Activities Committee

Homecoming, President’s Ball, variety events, movies, off-campus events, Super Fan

Lily Nelson

Political Awareness Committee

Electoral candidates, fall and spring speakers, dinner debates, other political events

Or Pansky

Diversity Initiatives Support Committee

Cultural awareness months & activities, support of multicultural organizations:

Chelsea Mbachu.

Lion’s Pause

Pause Pizza, Student Lounge, Concert and Event Venue:

Julia Pritchard and Silas Guelzow.

Volunteer Network

Volunteer week and fairs, recognition, volunteer programs, Halloween party:

Katie DeFoe.

Music Entertainment Committee

Fall and Spring Concerts, Campus Band performances, other music programming:

Alyson Brinker

After Dark Committee

Creates and runs programming for students after 10pm:

Arden Sasak

Board of Regents Student Committee

The student connection to the Board of Regents:

Melie Ekunno

Student Organizations Committee

Over 200 recognized student organizations, funding organization events, supports Club Sports teams:

Claire Shaw.

Student Government Association

The voice of the students; oversees all programming, financial matters and publicity: