How to report for someone else

Reporting Sexual Harassment or Misconduct that Has Happened to Someone Else

With the exception of college-identified confidential resources, all college employees who become aware of incidents or allegations of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct, must refer the matter to the college via a required referral. This obligation extends to student employees in the course of their work-related activities. All other individuals are strongly encouraged to notify the college as well.

There are many different ways to make a required referral, whether orally or in writing:

  • You can contact the St. Olaf Title IX Coordinator or any other member of the Title IX team, in person, by telephone, or by email.
  • You can submit the online reporting form, which will go directly to the Title IX Coordinator. Unless you are a college employee, you can choose to complete it anonymously. If you are a college employee, including a student employee who received information about sexual misconduct or sexual harassment as a result of your employment, you must provide your name and contact information.
  • Unless you are a college employee, you can report anonymously by telephone by calling the Campus Conduct Hotline, an independent organization available 24/7, at 866-943-2787.

For more information about employees’ reporting responsibilities, please refer to the Required Referral FAQ Document.

See the St. Olaf College Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment for additional information about reporting options and considerations.