How to report if you are an alum

Reports regarding sexual misconduct or harassment from alums are encouraged and welcomed at any time, even if the incident or situation occurred a long time ago. Alums can report sexual misconduct or harassment involving other students, employees, or visitors to campus. You can report things that happened to you or things that happened to someone else.

The services of our Title IX Coordinator are available to alumni as well. After reporting, the Title IX Coordinator can help connect you with resources in your area and can provide assistance with reporting to law enforcement if that is of interest to you.

If you would like to report an incident, you can do so by using our online form, which can be submitted anonymously. The form does allow you to include your contact information if you are comfortable doing so. If you do include your contact information, our Title IX Coordinator can reach out to you. You are also able to report by calling (507-786-3465) or emailing ( the Title IX Coordinator directly. Lastly, you can also report anonymously by telephone by calling the Campus Conduct Hotline, staffed 24/7 by an independent organization, at 866-943-2787.