2023 Italy & Slovenia

Italy & Slovenia: Food, Wine, and Walking

Italy & Slovenia: Food, Wine, and Walking

August 26–September 3, 2023 or September 4–12, 2023

August 26–September 3, 2023 and September 4–12, 2023

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We’ll walk the trails (all of them EASY), visit villages, sample wine, meet the locals, enjoy the food, marvel at the incredible views, and experience some less-oft visited places at 3 mph. Choose from 2 sets of dates. See the Overview to the right to see more about what we’ll do and learn.

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A minimum of 8 participants are needed by April 15, 2023 for each departure to go. But don’t wait until then to register — they could fill much quicker! Registration will close June 15, 2023.

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