St. Olaf Dance Department

Exciting features of the St. Olaf Dance program

  • Three beautiful studios with full video, sound, and technology support systems
  • Highly student-centered, non-competitive program with opportunities to audition for all performing companies open to both majors and non-majors
  • First-year student dance experience that incorporates individualized creative projects
  • Live music for ballet, modern, and improvisation classes
  • Emphasis on experiential anatomy and body awareness
  • Strong connections to the vibrant dance community in the Twin Cities

Related student organizations include Swing Club and Ballroom Dance Club; both sponsor weekly lessons/practices and dances throughout the year.


The St. Olaf College Department of Dance is committed to teaching and presenting dance as a vital form of embodied awareness and understanding, communication and expression – all of which are central to education in the liberal and fine arts traditions.

Overview of the St. Olaf Dance Department

The movement-intensive and language-intensive studies and experiences provided by the St. Olaf College B.A. in Dance guide students toward lives and careers with strong physical, creative, and analytical skills at their foundation. As a result, dance majors come away from St. Olaf College with the ability to manage, direct, and perform with professional companies or as free-lance artists; pursue graduate study in dance therapy, teaching, choreography, performance, or the somatic disciplines; enter other fields such as the healing professions, arts management, psychology, environmental studies, media, etc. In short, a B.A. in Dance from St. Olaf College, which engages students in the study of dance as a personal art, a cultural art, and a fine art, prepares dance majors for a wide range of life and career possibilities and options.

NASD accreditation

The Dance Department at St. Olaf College is a charter member and accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance, and is one of only two schools in the state of Minnesota to be an accredited institutional member.