Calendar HTML Help

The list below includes the most common HTML codes that you’ll need for St. Olaf Calendar entries. Just copy and paste for your own use.


<A HREF=”[http address here]”>[linked text here]</A>

<A HREF=””> Malt-O-Meal</A>

Codes for text

<br> = new line (use when you need to force a line break)
<br><br> = paragraph break
<b>text</b> = bold
<i>text</i> = italics

To create an e-mail link:

Send an e-mail to <A HREF=””></A>.
Send <A HREF=””>David Gonnerman</A> an e-mail.

In the quotes, put “mailto:[email address]” (make sure it’s all in quotes), and then between the tag put the words you want linked. Just like in the hyperlink (see above).