Social Media Policy Statement

Social Media Policy Statement 

Social media is an important tool for expression and engagement. Online communication platforms can foster discussion that enriches our community through exploration of differing worldviews, opinions, and ideas. Freedom of expression is central to a liberal arts education, and St. Olaf College is dedicated to encouraging active and civil discussion. 

The College maintains a policy that aims to support this freedom while discouraging misuse of social media. This policy prohibits posts on College-owned social media that are profane, threatening, libelous, unlawfully harassing or discriminatory, or otherwise a violation of law or College policy. The College reserves the right to remove any content that it deems to be harmful in nature or otherwise in violation of law or College policy. In addition, the College may filter out spam or any other obvious advertising content.

In order to enforce this policy, the College will utilize the “hide,” “delete,” “archive,” etc. functions on social media sites to make content visible only to the poster and their followers. The College also reserves the right to delete content, including comments, pictures, and posts.

Official messages from the College that are relayed on social — such as leadership announcements and holiday messages — are not a point of discussion and comments will be disabled on these posts.

St. Olaf College encourages all users to utilize the “report” links for abusive content in accordance with the Terms of Service standards administered by social media sites. The College may also utilize the “report” option for any users or comments it deems to be in violation of the policy and harmful to the St. Olaf community. 

In addition, the College encourages community members to report comments or posts that potentially violate College policy to the College.

For further information on best use practices for social media, please refer to the following policies: 

St. Olaf Trademarks Policy

Appropriate Use of Campus Technologies Policy 

Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Faculty 

Code of Conduct for Staff — starts page 51

Social Media Guidelines


Oles are connecting on social media across generations — and participating in conversations about their college experience, both positive and negative. It’s the objective of the St. Olaf College social manager to 1) facilitate positive interactions among Oles online, 2) address concerns levied on social media, and 3) anticipate and manage crises that might arise on social media.

Official accounts

Official accounts of St. Olaf College include those managed by: St. Olaf College, St. Olaf Admissions, St. Olaf Athletics, and St. Olaf Music. Accounts managed by these full-time staff members are the only ones allowed to use St. Olaf marks and logos.

Unofficial accounts (student orgs, campus partners, alumni groups)

No unofficial account can claim to be an official channel of anything related to St. Olaf College and must include the language “Managed by [FIRST NAME LAST NAME]. Not an official account of St. Olaf College.” Unofficial accounts cannot use St. Olaf marks or logos without expressed permission from St. Olaf College. All unofficial accounts representing St. Olaf College student organizations and campus partners must have their login credentials registered with the St. Olaf College Department of Marketing and Communications ( Campus partners should not create their own social channels and must request permission before launching and managing their own independent social accounts. Requests will be evaluated by the St. Olaf College Department of Marketing and Communications.

Misuse of brand

Do not use St. Olaf’s name to promote or endorse any product, cause, or political party or candidate. Do not manage official or unofficial accounts as if they are your own personal account. Instead, maintain a voice across your channels that is consistent with the personality and values of your identity as a student organization or campus partner.

Posting schedule

Do not abandon accounts (which has the effect of making St. Olaf look dusty, abandoned, and careless). Instead, maintain a schedule of posting at least once a week during your active season on campus and once a month while off-campus. Accounts will face deletion if they are inactive for 90 days.

Do not use St. Olaf marks or logos

Do not use the St. Olaf shield, logo, or wordmarks on your personal or unofficial social media. St. Olaf Trademark and logo guidelines can be found at: