Marketing and Communications



Through print, writing, video, photography, and other media elements, the Marketing and Communications Team (Marcom) crafts the story of St. Olaf and its community.

St. Olaf College develops individuals of action and substance who will shape the world.
In the Office of Marketing and Communications, it’s our job to let the voices of these individuals shine through in the stories we tell. Our office is committed to sharing authentic voices, and we seek to include a diverse range of perspectives and experiences that showcase how people from different backgrounds, faiths, and life experiences have found the passion that sets their vocation, as well as the community that roots and supports their journey, while on the Hill.
We work across campus to build community through content, event support, websites, and more. Every day, we work to create and maintain connections to the college that last a lifetime.
Please contact us when you have a marketing goal to achieve or a story to tell — large or small. It’s our privilege to work with you, and our pleasure to get to know you.