Media Relations

The Office of Marketing and Communications serves as the principal point of contact between mainstream and online media and the college: responding to media inquiries, providing background information for reporters’ investigations, arranging interviews with St. Olaf administrators or faculty, and working with faculty, staff, and students in getting the word out about St. Olaf activities and accomplishments. The director also serves as the principal media spokesperson for the college.

The associate director for media relations coordinates the writing of news features that appear on the St. Olaf website and are disseminated to area media. The associate director regularly pitches story ideas to editors and reporters by telephone and email, suggesting topics of interest and newsworthy items as well as promoting faculty availability for commentary on unfolding local, state, and national events and major issues of the day. Hometown releases are routinely sent to community newspapers on student academic honors and awards, co-curricular achievements, and involvement in study abroad programs.

The associate director also monitors media services and trends in press coverage, looking for targets of opportunity for St. Olaf coverage or commentary by faculty and administrators. St. Olaf College actively participates in ProfNet, a collaborative effort of public relations professionals to provide journalists and authors convenient access to expert sources.

Media inquiries and campus questions regarding media relations should be directed to Kari VanDerVeen, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications for Media Relations, telephone: 507-786-3970; email: