Editorial Policy

St. Olaf Magazine, the award-winning magazine of St. Olaf College, features stories that are written by professional writers and developed by the editor of St. Olaf Magazine, in consultation with the chief marketing officer, within the overarching strategic goals of the college as directed by the president of the college and the St. Olaf Board of Regents. St. Olaf Magazine stories have always met the criteria of these longstanding guidelines and goals.

St. Olaf Magazine stories showcase the strengths of the college, its students, and its alumni. The magazine strives to provide balanced coverage of topics that include (but are not limited to): academic innovation and high-impact practices; vocation and career preparedness; new college initiatives; faculty-mentored research; interdisciplinary learning communities; off-campus study; and topics relating to the challenges facing higher education, such as ensuring access and affordability. Alumni profiles showcase graduates whose exceptional achievements and professional contributions, leadership, and service, exemplify St. Olaf College’s tradition of excellence.

St. Olaf Magazine aims to strengthen personal connections to St. Olaf College through alumni engagement, inspiring alumni to financially support their college through regular giving, volunteering, serving as Ole ambassadors, offering internships and mentoring current students, and providing career guidance and opportunities for young alumni. One-page donor stories and testimonials are determined by the strategic goals of the development staff, in keeping with the editorial guidelines of St. Olaf Magazine and key messages of St. Olaf College.

In accordance with St. Olaf College’s non-discrimination policy, St. Olaf Magazine does not discriminate based on legally protected status including race, gender, gender identity or expression, age, color, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, veteran or military status, or sexual orientation.

St. Olaf College retains the copyright to all St. Olaf Magazine stories-for-hire. St. Olaf Magazine articles may not be reprinted without express written permission from the editor of St. Olaf Magazine, acting on behalf of St. Olaf College. Permission to reprint must be acknowledged in writing (e.g., This story first appeared in St Olaf Magazine. Reprinted with permission.)

St. Olaf Magazine is published three times a year (September, January, May), and, like every professional print publication, its content is determined months in advance of publication.

St. Olaf Magazine is not a journalistic publication in the style of the college’s student newspaper, Manitou Messenger. It does not record all events on campus nor does it seek to provide all aspects of campus opinion on any given subject.

Because of its nonprofit status, St. Olaf Magazine does not accept paid advertising or promotional materials of any kind. Efforts by alumni to self-promote, elicit personal or professional support for a cause and/or organization, or fundraise for personal or professional gain is not permitted in St. Olaf Magazine.

Due to privacy concerns, personal information such as infant birth dates and place of birth, personal or professional websites, personal or professional email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers are not included in St. Olaf Magazine.

We reserve the right to decline story suggestions or story requests which do not fit within the editorial guidelines of St. Olaf Magazine.

Class News

Personal and professional news, weddings, and births and adoptions must be submitted in writing (online, at stolaf.edu/alumni/share-your-news is preferred) to the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. St. Olaf alumni must submit their own personal and professional news; second or third-party submissions about a St. Olaf alumnus will not be published without the individual’s permission. However, professional information about a St. Olaf alumnus that has appeared in other forms of public media (press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, organization websites, etc.) may appear in St. Olaf Magazine.

The Office of Alumni and Parent Relations compiles personal and professional news, weddings, births and adoptions, and deaths, and submits this information to St. Olaf Magazine three times a year (February 1, June 1, and October 1). Class Notes are edited for style, length, and clarity. Inclusion in St. Olaf Magazine is at the discretion of the editor; photographs are included at the discretion of the art director. Marriage between same-sex couples and adoptions are included in St. Olaf Magazine. Deaths that date back to more than two years are not included.


Photography-for-hire that appears in St. Olaf Magazine is owned by St. Olaf College and may be used in digital and print college materials.

Photography and original art purchased exclusively for St. Olaf Magazine has a one-time use for print (the rights also include the online version of St. Olaf Magazine). It cannot be used in any other digital and/or print publication without express permission from the holder of the copyright and will include additional fees.

Story Pitches

St. Olaf Magazine does not accept unsolicited submissions or, in general, story pitches from freelance writers with whom the editor has no professional relationship.

Stories suggested by members of the St. Olaf constituency may be taken under consideration for the Beyond the Hill and/or Class Notes sections of St. Olaf Magazine. In some instances, a suggested story (if it meets the editorial guidelines of St. Olaf Magazine) may be pursued by the editor, in consultation with the chief marketing officer.

St. Olaf Magazine Spotlights (pieces that showcase athletics, student standouts, faculty, or new college initiatives) are determined by the editor of St. Olaf Magazine, in consultation with the chief marketing officer.