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The Creative team works diligently to help our campus partners achieve their goals. We follow a detailed process that allows us to support your projects while maintaining standards of excellence and authenticity.

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All of our campus partners help us tell Ole stories authentically. We believe that authentic photography is a key component of all of our marketing materials. We cherish the opportunity to help you capture events, projects, classroom shots, and other academic and non-academic activities that are part of the St. Olaf experience.

We have a team of photographers (students, staff, and contractors) who help us cover as many requests as we can.

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We have built an extensive library of images that capture different elements of the St. Olaf experience. It is important that when selecting images to support a project, the person selecting images from our media library consider a few things:
Authenticity IconDoes the selected image tell an authentic story?

It is important to us and the community that the images used in our marketing materials reflect life on the Hill. Knowing that we do not stage photography and that we strongly encourage that captions are included whenever possible, always ask yourself if the image you selected matches your messaging, tone, and goals.

Context IconIs the selected image going to be used in the right context?

It is vital that the people featured in the image know and understand what their photo is going to be used for. You should also make sure that a caption is included to provide additional information about the people featured and other relevant information.

Diversity IconHow does the selected image fit when seen through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Understand that selecting images directly impacts how your audience perceives the realities of life on campus. Know that there is no formula to be used and that every project you work on is different. We need to take the time to develop the skills and knowledge to reflect on our processes, identify new paths, and explore new ways to be inclusive and authentic at the same time.

Important considerations while selecting an image


We are here to help and support you.

We know that this can feel complex and intimidating, but there are multiple ways to collaborate with the community to make sure you are approaching things the right way.
As a general best practice, using students, faculty, and staff as a resource is always recommended. Take advantage of how engaged the Ole community is in conversations that relate to your work. Ask questions from the community and don’t be afraid to start a conversation by admitting a mistake. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a great way to grow and develop steps to remain authentic, aspirational, and yes… inclusive.

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