Department of Dance

Auditions for The Northfield Experience

Monday, 9/25 @ 3:45pm in CAD Studio 1 (you do not need to prepare any material for the audition)

The Northfield Experience is a site-specific performance journey; a collaborative project between St. Olaf College, Carleton College, and the town of Nortfield, MN.

Veteran Director/Choreographer/Media Artist, Stephan Koplowitz, will create a site-specific, immersive performance event using the town of Northfield, Minnesota, as its canvas and subject matter. Comprised of a series of interlaced performances of theater, dance, visual installations, and digital media, this performance event will be inspired by the history, architecture, and unique community of Northfield. Koplowitz is excited to work and collaborate with St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges and the greater Northfield community, and where the spirit of history, industry, and scholarship still thrive.

The Northfield Experience will engage students, alumni, professors and Curriculum from both colleges, in addition to members of specific Northfield institutions and businesses. It aims not only to create a unique artistic experience, but to bring together several academic and public communities united towards the development and creation of this work. An intended outcome is that all involved parties will be more closely aligned and acquainted following this shared collaboration.

These performances will be inspired by the city’s historic buildings, the achievements/tragedies that occurred in their shadows, and the architecture and design of Northfield. They will also capitalize on the unique creative talents of the St. Olaf and Carleton communities.

Performances will take place on May 3-6, 2018 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and will be broadly advertised in Northfield, SE MN, and the Twin Cities. There will be afternoon/evening technical rehearsals beginning the week before the performances.

We are looking for about 20 dancers to perform in the project.

About the Dance Department

The Department of Dance is committed to teaching and presenting dance as a vital form of embodied awareness, understanding, communication, and expression — all of which are central to the liberal arts and fine arts traditions.

Dance students at St. Olaf will find:

  • A student-centered, non-competitive program with opportunities for majors and non-majors alike to audition for all performing companies
  • Two performance venues and three beautiful studios with full video, sound, and technology support systems
  • Live music for ballet, modern, and improvisation classes
  • Emphasis on experiential anatomy and body awareness
  • Faculty who are also professional dancers, with strong connections to the vibrant Twin Cities dance community
  • One of only two departments in the state that is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance.

The studies and experiences provided by the Dance Department guide students toward lives and careers with strong physical, creative, and analytical skills at their foundation. Dance majors come away from St. Olaf with the ability to manage, direct, and perform with professional companies or as freelance artists. Some pursue graduate study in dance therapy, teaching, choreography, performance, or the somatic disciplines, while others enter related fields, such as the healing professions, arts management, psychology, environmental studies, and the media.

In short, a degree in Dance from St. Olaf engages students in the study of dance as a personal art, a cultural art, and a fine art, preparing them for a wide range of life and career possibilities.