Academic Offices and Services

Academic Support and Advising

Kathy Glampe, Director, x3385

Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts

Mary Titus, Director, x3200

Chemical Hygiene Office

Pat Ceas, Chemical Hygiene Officer, x3560

Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURI)

Kathy Tegtmeyer Pak, Director, x3655

Government, Foundation, and Corporate Relations

Helen Warren, Director, x3009

Information Technologies

Computing, Networking and A/V Services
Roberta Lembke, Director of IT and Libraries, x3097

Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Susan Canon, Director, IR&E, x3647
Kelsey Thompson, Associate Director of Evaluation Research and Assessment, x 3390

International & Off-Campus Studies

Jodi Malmgren, Director, x3069

Kierkegaard Library

Gordon Marino, Curator, x3846


Roberta Lembke, Director of IT and Libraries, x3097

Natural Lands

Kathy Shea, Curator, x3396

Registrar’s Office

Steve McKelvey, Registrar, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, x3421

Shaw-Olson Center for College History (College Archives)

Gary DeKrey, Director; Jeff Sauve, Associate Archivist: x3229

Student Support Services

Brian Greening, Director, x3712