20/20 Vision Exhibition Archive

20/20 Vision

Recent Acquisitions from Flaten Art Museum’s Permanent Collection

Curator’s note: This exhibition archive digitally presents images and interpretive texts from the exhibition 20/20 Vision. Scheduled to run from February 13–April 12, 2020 at the Flaten Art Museum, the exhibition closed prematurely due to COVID-19.

What is a museum? Why do they collect objects? Who chooses what is collected, and how do they decide? Entitled 20/20 Vision, a term used to express the clarity of vision, this exhibition strove to reveal the collecting practices, processes, and occasional predicaments that have shaped Flaten Art Museum’s collection. Bringing together works by both locally and internationally recognized artists, this exhibition spotlit acquisitions from the last five years. These exceptional examples of art have been acquired through the generous donations of several individuals who have dedicated funds for acquisitions and shared their personal collections with us and future generations.

This exhibition was curated by Jane Becker Nelson with Mona Weselmann and contributions from Madi Duran ’20 and Megan Vikla ’21.

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