Anastylosis Audio Bank

Welcome to the Anastylosis Project exhibition. This project began during an Interim program in 1998, studying the idea of classical beauty and its manifestations in Roman ruins, Romanesque architecture, and Gothic cathedrals in France and Italy. I returned from that program with one hundred small drawings of various architectural monuments. These drawings were the beginning of a process of exploration into how to represent the experience of being present in these historic spaces. Eighteen years and twelve drawings later, I have developed a disciplined work process that begins with selecting and researching a site, continues with a set of preliminary drawings to determine the format and materials needed, and culminating with a final large-scale drawing that attempts to deal with at least some of the particulars that make these magnificent sites unique.  

For a full description of that process, please pick up a gallery guide from the museum attendant. Short audio discussions of each drawing are available on your phone, see the individual labels for links.