Franziskanerkirche Salzburg, Austria & Daily Drawings

Franziskaner for web

The Franzikanerkirche is a 12th-century Franciscan church in Salzburg, Austria. As artist-in-residence for the city of Salzburg during the summer of 2012, I had unparalleled access to historical and cultural sites. I settled on the Franciscan church initially for its incorporation of so many architectural elements and ideas, including the ancient stone floor that had originally been part of the main road traversing the city. Taking advantage of the ability to visit the space daily to draw, I had the opportunity to meet monks, brothers and musicians involved with the church. While all the sites included to date in the Anastylosis project have had sacred uses over the centuries, many of them have become museums that only hint at their previous lives.  In contrast, while the Franziskanerkirche has been remodeled and changed over the years, it has been in continuous use. It was a pleasure to have had the chance to experience that ongoing life as I studied its history, forms, and details.  

The small drawings to the left of the main drawing and in the alcove to your left, east of the doors, record my daily visits. The sketches range from very simple floor plans to more elaborate looks at the baroque decoration of side chapels.

The composite drawing is much smaller than the other Anastylosis pieces and does not follow the scale used in the other drawings, given my limited time in Austria. But just like other drawings in the series, this piece deals with the entirety of the building from multiple points of view.  

IMG_0063 copy