Digital Portfolio

Why Portfolios? 

Every media studies concentration is unique.  You have chosen your own courses and internship, and you have approached them in your own way.  Selecting, organizing, presenting, and reflecting on key work products from your media studies concentration will enable you to demonstrate your distinctive accomplishments, and internalize their significance.

What’s a Digital Portfolio?

A portfolio is a selective collection of your work showcasing your accomplishments in Media Studies.  It could include essays from classes, work products from internships and other experiential learning activities, online content you have developed, film clips, sketches—you name it.  We refer to these work products as “artifacts.”  A traditional portfolio is just paper collected in a folder.  A digitalportfolio is a multi-media portfolio stored on a network or other digital medium.  It’s portable, flexible, and secure.  It is aimed in two directions: outward toward a public audience, to whom you demonstrate your learning; and inward toward yourself, as you reflect on the relationships between your academic and experiential learning and how they have shaped your future direction.

What Will My Media Studies Portfolio Look Like?

Your portfolio will integrate your academic and experiential learning and should be tailored to your vocational goals.  It will include the artifacts you regard as the best demonstration of your accomplishments.  It will include a “Table of Contents” page that can be viewed in a web browser, with links to the artifacts you choose.  It will include a resume tailored toward an occupational interest.  And it will include a reflective essay explaining the significance of and connections between the contents.

Reflective Essay/ Media Statement

To reflect means to create a narrative that describes the importance of each artifact in your own terms.  How have your knowledge and abilities developed over time?  A “reflective essay” or “media statement” looks back and provides a commentary: What are the connections between your academic and internship/experiential learning activities?  How have the two shaped your career and vocational directions?  What is the next natural step, given what you’ve already done?  These are examples of the questions raised in insightful reflection.