Boe Memorial Chapel Artifacts

In addition to its Holtkamp organ, stained glass windows and inspiring architecture, Boe Memorial Chapel has housed several unique items over the years that are part of St. Olaf College’s spiritual and cultural history.

cornerstone Cornerstone

◄ The blue-green soapstone is a gift from Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway. The 1,520-pound stone, shipped free of charge by the Norwegian America Line, is engraved with the year 1953, the seal of the cathedral and the seal of St. Olaf College.


Ethiopian Crosshandcross2

The cross was given to the college by Amare Gizaw ’60, the recipient of a scholarship in honor of Emperor Haile Selassie’s 1954 visit to St. Olaf. Gizaw donated the cross to the college his first year as a symbol of his gratitude. It is found in the chapel narthex above the center door. ►


Evangelical Lutheran WorshipEvangelical Lutheran Worship

◄ The first hymnal produced by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America since 1978. St. Olaf’s Student Congregation was among the first to use the hymnal, and St. Olaf faculty, alumni, and parents participated in its creation.


International Flagsflags

The flags hanging in the sanctuary represent the countries of origin of St. Olaf’s international students. Every year the flags are changed to reflect the nationalities of current students. ►



Hour of Meditation

◄ A bronze sculpture by Kaare Kristian Nygaard, given to the college in 1990. By bequest, Nygaard donated all his works of sculpture to the Ella and Kaare Nygaard Foundation and St. Olaf College.



Hoyme Stone and Red Wing BellChapel Tower

A stone from Hoyme Chapel, St. Olaf’s original chapel destroyed by fire in 1923, is part of the chapel bell tower. The bell in the tower comes from the Red Wing Seminary as a symbol of the historic ties between the two institutions that merged their programs in 1917. ►



St. John StatueSt. John Statue

◄ A replica of the statue of St. John in Trondheim, Norway, was a gift to St. Olaf College from Nidaros Cathedral.