Student Congregation

Student Congregation

The St. Olaf College Student Congregation is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Pastors Matthew Marohl and Katherine Fick serve as pastors to the student congregation and chaplains to the college community.

St. Olaf College Student Congregation Council 2022-2023

President – Leah Berdahl ’23
Secretary – Evan Schlicht ’23
Treasurer – Sarah Teske ’23
Vice President of Worship – Micah Land ’23 & Holly Petersen ’23
Vice President of Extra-Campus Activities – Lexie Greiber ’25
Vice President of Life & Growth – Keerthana Babu ’23, Elizabeth Schoen ’24
Vice President of Public Relations – Matthew Pointer ’25, Jenna Becker ’23
Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice Representatives – Keerthana Babu ’23 & Dick Nchang ’25
2023 Class Representative – Helen White, Jonah Forsyth
2024 Class Representative – Emily Trendle
2025 Class Representative – Maddie Holtz, Alliance Umutoni Ishema, Liliana Schroedl
2026 Class Representative – elected in the fall

Weekly Opportunities:

(See College Ministry Events page for meeting dates and times.)

  • Bible Study Read and discuss a biblical text each week with Pastor Matt and Pastor Katie.
  • Gather  – Looking to meet other students, talk about questions of faith, and have fun? We gather in The Undercroft (lower level of Boe Memorial Chapel). This faith and fellowship group is hosted by Pastors Matt and Katie.

January 2023 BIG Read

  • The St. Olaf Student Congregation Council’s Big Read will take place in January, 2023. Check back in the fall for information regarding the book and meeting details.

The ELCA and Anti-Racism

The ELCA makes a call to confess the sin of racism, condemn the ideology of white supremacy, and strive for racial justice and peace. Beyond statements and prayers, we are called to also act and respond to injustices. ELCA resources are available here. The ELCA also offers a social statement which expresses the call to celebrate culture and ethnicity. This calling commits the ELCA to confront racism, to engage in public leadership, witness and deliberation on these matters, and to advocate for justice.


The St. Olaf College Student Congregation has been a Reconciling In Christ congregation since 1989. Together, we advocate for the full welcome, inclusion, and equity of LGBTQIA+ students in all aspects of the life of our congregation and community.

Student Congregation Council Positions:

  • President – chairperson of the council; has the power to fill any vacancies, subject to approval of the other Council members.
  • Secretary: keeps a record of the meetings of the Student Congregation Council.
  • Treasurer: counts and deposit the offerings and monitors the finances of the Student
    Congregation; proposes an annual budget.
  • VP of Worship: The Worship Ministry Team works with the college pastors and cantor to plan meaningful worship services. This team also plans special seasonal services such as midweek and Lenten vespers.
  • VP of Extra-Campus Activities: The Extra Campus Ministry Team organizes the congregation’s involvement with other St. Olaf College student organizations, placing a special emphasis on inter-religious programming and on worldwide issues of hunger, poverty and human rights. This team also partners with organizations outside of the St. Olaf campus for various ministry opportunities.
  • VP of Life & Growth: The Life & Growth Ministry Team seeks to enrich the spiritual lives of students through education and fellowship experiences, including our fall film series, Bible studies and discussion groups. The Life & Growth team works to encourage and enhance personal and community growth.
  • VP of Public Relations: The Public Relations Ministry Team, along with the college pastors, serves as the public voice of the St. Olaf Student Congregation. The team creates and distributes posters for events, manages e-mail aliases and posts on online pages and social media.
  • Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice, Representative: The Interfaith Coalition is an organization that brings together all of the religious organizations on campus. Its goal is to foster respect for the diverse religious identities of all people at St. Olaf College and to build relationships by learning and serving together.
  • Class Representatives: 1-2 representatives from each class.