Student Congregation

Student Congregation

The St. Olaf College Student Congregation is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Pastors Matthew Marohl and Katherine Fick serve as pastors to the student congregation and chaplains to the college community.


  • Virtual Bible Study (Zoom link here) Read and discuss a biblical text every Wednesday from noon-1 PM.
  • Virtual Gather (Zoom link here) – Looking to meet other students, talk about questions of faith and have fun? Join us virtually on Wednesday nights at 8 PM for Gather, a faith and fellowship group hosted by Pastors Matt and Katie. Each week we get to know each other and talk about different issues of life and faith in a relaxed atmosphere

The ELCA and Anti-Racism

The ELCA makes a call to confess the sin of racism, condemn the ideology of white supremacy, and strive for racial justice and peace. Beyond statements and prayers, we are called to also act and respond to injustices. ELCA resources are available here. The ELCA also offers a social statement which expresses the call to celebrate culture and ethnicity. This calling commits the ELCA to confront racism, to engage in public leadership, witness and deliberation on these matters, and to advocate for justice.


The St. Olaf College Student Congregation has been a Reconciling In Christ congregation since 1989. Together, we advocate for the full welcome, inclusion, and equity of LGBTQIA+ students in all aspects of the life of our congregation and community.

St. Olaf College Student Congregation Council 2020-2021

President – Rachel Wyffels  ’21
Secretary – Lukas Lindgren ’21
Treasurer – Kate Rudberg ’21
Vice President of Worship – Madeline Nichols ’21 & Daniel Lane ’22
Vice President of Extra-Campus Activities – Hannah Wangen ’22 & Leah Berdahl ’23
Vice President of Life & Growth –  Ella Koenig ’22 & Keerthana Babu ’23
Vice President of Public Relations – Bobby Isbell  ’21 & Max Clifford ’22
Representative to the Interfaith Coalition – Olaf Morkeberg ’21 & Micah Land ’23
2021 Class Representative – Tafari Bellete, Daniel Meyer & Nigel Gillespie
2022 Class Representatives – Eugene Sandel & Danny Barry
2023 Class Representative – Joshua Lyu, Sinthya Juviani & Samantha Merhkens
2024 Class Representative – Anja Logan & Ethan Beltrand