Event Planning

Specific Events

Planning a dance? Check out this checklist: Dance Checklist

Planning a variety show or celebration? Check out this packet for all information from set-up, to serving food, to technology: Planning Variety Shows and Celebrations

Is this a large event and/or do you need services from several entities on campus? Fill out an Event Work Order.

General Event Planning

Here is a quick overview of how to plan an event on campus:

  1. Check the Master Calendar to see if there are any other major campus events going on at the same time.
  2. Secure a room/venue before any contracts/agreements are finalized. Room reservations.
  3. Submit information to Presence (which will show on the campus Master Calendar).
  4. Reserve technology.
  5. Arrange for food/hospitality, if needed. Check out information on having food at events.
  6. Publicize event.
  7. Confirm details at least one week prior.
  8. Run event.
  9. Clean up/evaluate.
  10. Celebrate success!  🙂

As always, contact the Office of Student Activities for assistance in event planning.  Contracts, risk management, and preventing programming pitfalls are our specialty!