Use this checklist to have a successful fundraiser!


Fundraising Request Form

All fundraising activities for student organizations must be approved by the Office of Student Activities by completing this Fundraising Request Form.

Note: This form does not replace reserving a table, cash box, card swiper, etc. Please see the checklist for a complete list of steps to plan your fundraiser.


Do’s and Don’ts

Fundraising (i.e. candy canes, t-shirts) is allowed in the Commons.  Tables must be reserved through R25. **Fundraising tables cannot be set up during Homecoming and Family Weekend, Commencement Weekend. Tabling at Christmas Fest is subject to approval.**

Fundraising can be as simple as membership dues. There will also be opportunities for orgs to fundraise on-campus occasionally throughout the year — emails are sent to org members listed in the Student Org Database.

Babysitting for fundraising is NOT allowed on campus. The college does not have the appropriate insurance coverage for this activity. If, however, an org sends members to individual houses, that is acceptable.

Alcohol as part of any fundraising is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: The College does not encourage organizations to solicit donations, in particular from parents and alumni. Contact the Annual Giving Office, 507-786-3354, for information on projects your group can do that would earn funds for your organization.

Residence Halls

Deliveries to residence halls can only be left at the hall’s front desk. No delivery directly to student rooms is allowed.

To solicit donations in the residence halls, please complete this form, in addition to our fundraising request: Request for Soliciting Donations in the Residence Halls

Find the complete Fundraising Policy here.  The Fundraising Checklist can also assist you in meeting these guidelines with your fundraiser.