Education Student Calendar, 2015-2016

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Tuesday, 8th 1st Day of Fall Student Teaching
Wednesday, 16th FE Registration (ED 290/330) 11:45-2:30 pm  TOH 281
Thursday, 17th FE Registration (ED 246/260/374); Makeups (ED 290/330) CT     TOH 281
Monday, 21st FE Begins (ED 246/260/290/330/374)`
Monday, 21st Fee Assistance Deadline
Thursday, 24th Student Teaching Abroad Application Meeting 7:00-8:00 pm   TOH 214
Thursday, 24th Tk20 User Account Purchase Deadline
Friday, 25th FE Confirmation Form Deadline (in Tk20)


Thursday, 1st ED 170 (Interim 2016) Applications Due
Thursday, 1st Student Teaching (’16-’17) Application Meetings CT or 3:45-4:45 pm   TOH 210
Friday, 2nd Deadline to pick up parking permits for FE
Saturday, 3rd Pedagogy Saturday for Music ED students 8:45-4:30 pm
Tuesday, 6th Teacher ED Application Meeting 8:30 am  TOH 210/TOH 102 (lab)
Thursday, 8th Student Teaching Abroad (Fall ’16) Applications Due
Thursday, 8th Fall Semester Lunch CT   TOH 280
Thursday, 8th 2 hour early release – Farmington Schools
Thursday, 15th No School – Northfield/Farmington Schools
Friday, 16th No School – Northfield/Farmington Schools
Monday, 19th Fee Assistance Deadline
Monday, 19th ED 379 (Interim 2016) Applications Due
Monday, 19th Flexible Learning Day – Farmington Schools
Thursday, 29th Student Teaching (’16 – ’17) Applications Due


Friday, 6th Teacher ED Applications Due (ED 290 students)
Saturday, 7th ED 385 Seminar 9:30 – 12:00 pm  Education Suite
Monday, 9th No School – Northfield
Monday, 9th Fee Assistance Deadline
Thursday, 19th EMSP Event – MN Teacher of the Year
Wed-Fri, 25-27th No School – Northfield/Farmington


Friday, 4th  No School – Farmington
Friday, 11th Student Teaching Ends
Friday, 11th FE Ends
Friday, 11th FE Goal Sheets Due (in Tk20)
Monday, 14th Licensure Application Meeting 4:00 – 5:00 pm   TOH 102 (lab)
Monday, 14th Fee Assistance Deadline
Wednesday, 16th Education Interim Orientations TBA
Wednesday 16th Student Teaching Orientation (Spring 2016) 10:00 – 12:30 pm   TOH 214
Friday, 18th Fall Student Teaching Reception 12:00 – 1:30 pm   Valhalla


Monday, 8th First Day of Spring Student Teaching
Wednesday, 17th FE Registration (ED 290/330) 11:45 – 2:30 pm   TOH 281
Thursday, 18th FE Registration (ED 321/374); Makeup 290/330) CT   TOH 281
Monday, 22nd Fee Assistance Deadline
Monday, 22nd FE Begins
Thursday, 25th Tk20 User Account Purchase Deadline
Friday, 26th FE Confirmation Form Deadline


Tuesday, 1st Teacher Education Application Meeting 8:30 am   TOH 102 (lab)
Friday, 4th Deadline to pick up parking permit for FE
Friday, 11th No School – Farmington
Monday, 14th Fee Assistance Deadline
Monday, 21-28 No School – Northfield
Friday, 25-31 No School – Farmington


Friday, 1st No School – Farmington
Monday, 11th Fee Assistance Deadline
Friday, 15th Teacher Education Application Due (ED 290)


Thursday, 5th Candidate Portfolio Presentations (’16-’17 ST) CT    TOH 200/212/214/281
Friday, 6th Candidate Portfolio Presentations TBD   TOH 281
Monday, 9th Fee Assistance Deadline
Friday, 13th FE Ends
Friday, 13th Student Teaching Ends
Friday, 13th Field Experience Goal Sheets Due (in Tk20)
Monday, 16th Licensure Application Meeting 4:00-5:00 pm   TOH 102
Wednesday, 18th EMSP Picnic 5:00-7:00 pm  TOH Plaza
Friday, 20th Spring Student Teaching Reception 12:00-1:30 pm  BC/Sun Room